Wednesday, November 10, 2010

How Could This Have Been Missed?


Isn't she beautiful?

I have just been going through some old photos and I found this one that I took earlier in the year... obviously I didn't think much of it then... but now I am wondering why I ever clicked over it (although I didn't have a blog at that time to put it on so maybe that's why!)

Anyway the person in question is a very close friend of mine and a gorgeous person so I love how this photo tells it how it is without even having to know her!

Monday, November 8, 2010

The Countdown Is On!

That's right! The countdown is on until we jet off overseas... only 14 days to go and I cannot wait! 
Europe is calling me and it has been a few years since I was last there so the time has come! And what is even better is that Rocket is coming with me this time! (the last time didn't turn out so well as we had only just got together and I missed him terribly along with the tragic loss of my grandma and ended up cutting my trip off short!) but this time we are all set to jet off together! 

In the meantime however, there has been a fair bit going on! I have just finished my last exam for the year and am now free until March wooooooooooooo!!!

And the beautiful weather has brought some outside water fun with it...



Along with all of that, our housemates are moving out and the race is on to find some new ones before we jet off otherwise we will be paying double rent which I do not think goes well with a holiday! haha

Yet in spite of all of this, I still have time to take funky photos! 


Peace out...

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Melbourne and a Dreary Weekend...

Yep that's right the weather sure was dreary! BUT my weekend was anything but dreary! 
On Thursday (yep thats right... never have uni on a friday!) I headed down to Melbourne to visit a few friends. One is a teacher at a school with ESL (English Second Language) kids and I was going to help out with her school sports before the weather turned into a monsoon!!! so naturally the sports were rescheduled which is a real bugger because they were looking forward to it soooooooooo much! I still went in to help her out and when she introduced me I would like you to imagine the scene out of Finding Nemo where all the seaguls are going 'mine! mine! mine!' got it? Well imagine 30 little faces turning around going 'Hi Ry! Hi Ry! Hi Ry!' it was the cutest thing!

So after school some red wine was consumed and we decided to do some good for the world and head to a small gig in the city put on by these guys:

stop traffick


These guys are trying to stop people trafficking in Cambodia and are looking to broaden their horizons and spread to other asian countries so jump on and see what you can do! Anyway the gig was AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL! I wish I had some snaps but too much red wine led to me forgetting the camera and the world for awhile! I had great company, great music and great wine and cider beers!! What more could a girl ask for? What I can show you is this gorgeous little scribble in the toilets... yep thats right, cant remember to get my camera out for the important stuff, but can in the toilets! 


Ahhh.... scratch that... apparently I did  take some photos! (hmmmm...)

My gorgeous girls! 

The Hazelman Brothers (check out their song called 'Milk' - Amazing!)

So there was a variety of fundraisers on the night: a raffle that we didn't win and hassled the guy on stage until he said "Well what number raffle ticket do you girls have? One of those numbers just won, congratulations!!" and we got a bottle of wine with a gorgeous scarf on it! 
Getting onto the scarves... Cambodian women had sewn these scarves for fund raising, Pop went and brought me one for doing her wedding photos for her and it was the 'demented scarf' haha. the only scarf that had a defect and pop thought it was perfect for me to have a one-of-a-kind! Thanks beautiful! 

So needless to say I was a very ill girl the next morning but I wouldn't trade it for the world! Thanks for a lovely weekend Florz and Pop, you absolutely light up my life!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Need to get better at this...

I most definitely need to get better at regular posting... but getting all those assignments done takes priority at the moment! 
Anyway a little update on life at the moment: We had my cousin's 21st on the weekend, and when a family event comes about on this side of the family, you can be assured that there will be hangovers all round the next day. It was a great night!
Had the nephews and sister come and stay and we went to the fun factory (a kids play area for under 10s) and they both had a ball... poor little Noah had been sick so he wasn't in the greatest mood, but Austin had very rosy cheeks from all his running when we left. 


Austin and I then made a cake, played with playdough and played with his new felt pieces board while Noah and mum went shopping. 

Sunday saw Rock and I going on another little stroll where I got this great snap:


I think I need a new model... he is starting to complain at me ordering him around!! haha

And that was the past weekend!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

One Gorgeous Wedding...

The weekend saw some very good friends of mine getting hitched and my god was it a beautiful wedding and an even better celebration that followed! 
I originally met the couple through one of my besties at school, and I think it is an understatement to say that they were my saviors when I went to London and got very homesick. Many a good time has been shared with these two and I was absolutely overjoyed to see them so happy. 
The wedding was tailored to suit the couple with a bit of quirkiness added in which represents the two of them to a tee. Gorgeous poppies were the flower of choice (of course) and the rustic setting along with the good company made for a brilliant day. 
My fav part of the whole day was the exchanging of the rings, they were put on the third finger of the left hand, as the ancient Egyptians believed that the vein of love ran from this finger to the heart. I thought that was just beautiful! Anyway I will stop the yabbering and get to what you all probably want to see.... the photos. 

I was the back-up photographer for the day and I caught some GORGEOUS shots of the newlyweds! 

SONY DSC                      

SONY DSC                      

SONY DSC                      

I wish you both all the happiness in the world together!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Saturday Craft...

Today I got up early after some very hectic rain last night that kept waking me up... got dressed, thought about what to do today since boyfriend has gone to gone home to his parents to play footy (the obvious choice should have been homework... but hey, this looked like so much more fun!).... went outside and got SOAKED straight away... BUT i was on a mission: TO GET CREATIVE. 
I saw this gorgeous wall feature on Miss Mustard Seed's blog and I decided to use it as my inspiration. 

Step 1: Get resources. Well I only had to get one thing and I found it in an op shop this morning: I told the guy at the counter what I was planning to do and he was absolutely dumbfounded that all I was using was this one little book! 


Step 2: Figure out how to do it. Answer (as always) GLUE GUN!! 


So I assembled what I would be needing and got to work.


The finished product looks fantastic and maybe I will learn some maths in bed now! haha



Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Isn't it a pity...

Isn't it a pity that when you see those great shots you never have a camera handy? The other day I was driving quite early in the morn and the sun was shining behind the cathedral, but the top spires were still covered with fog.. if only i could have caught it on camera to share with you all! but instead I will share this little snap from a Sunday bbq a few weeks back:

DSC04774 copy

Who is that spunky guy?? haha

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Facebook Finds of the Day...

This is what come of my facebook browsing today:


Or did you ever wonder what the iceberg said to Titanic?

funny-facebook 2


Monday, August 23, 2010

Winter at it's Best...

This past week has been an adventure packed, all expenses paid trip to the snow for Rock and I. Rocket's parents very kindly shouted us a trip (along with the rest of the family) up to Falls Creek for 5 days of skiing and drinking. What can I say.... we had an absolute ball!


Our 7 our trip there was topped off with the fact that we had to climb up what they told us would be "4 short flights of stairs" this turned out to be 8 reasonable flights of stairs and by the time that we carried all the gear up we were well and truly ready for a drink! From here on in though the trip was extremely laid back and relaxing (that is once we got over the aches and pains of not using certain muscles required for skiing and snowboarding) this also meant that I got an opportunity to go searching for photo ops.... I found a few but great weather meant I was out skiing all day and didn't have time to take many! haha One very cute shot was of these stalactites hanging from our window sil:


After trialing the various pubs on offer, celebrating both mine and Rock's younger brother's birthdays and plenty of drinks and laughs we returned home. Falls Creek you are definitely on the cards for next year!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Very lazy day...

So on this very lazy day I have done a few things: I have been to the dentist to get my wisdom tooth looked at, once there the dentist asked me if I would just like it pulled out there in the chair to which I replied 'Why Not?' so I am now walking around with a bit of a swollen cheek! It surprised me how easy it was to get rid of... it only took hime about 2 mins and the damn thing that has caused me so much grief was out! YAY!!!!!
I have also gotten my butt into gear and got onto flickr instead of Photobucket so now hopefully you will be able to see the pics a bit better! Ill even put this one up again coz it's too cute not to be seen properly! 


So I have also been to class... I swear my Lit teacher is the most sex-crazed being on earth! haha and now im off to work. Keep a look out for some awesome new pics from up the snow over the next week! xo

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

To Get That Great Shot...

This is just something cute that I stumbled across in a magazine and just couldn't go past. 


It is just so true!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Sunday Stroll...

Rocket is home for the weekend and we thought we would make the most of it and go out for a walk. Armed with gumboots (it rained quite heavily last night) camera and a creative mind off we set. This is what we came back with...


ry look

ry walk

ry jump

rock walking

rock camera

Rock rock

Rock up



Can't wait till next Sunday! :)

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Some Old Snaps...

Here are a few snaps that I took back in 2004... The setting is various places in Europe as I was on tour there at the time... aged 17... in fact, the foot photo was taken on my 17th birthday! 


My Fav... this photo represents culture and diversity.

Friday, July 30, 2010

The First Glimpse..

This is the sort of stuff you may be able to expect from my blog:





Stay tuned for more!

About Me...

Hi all!! I'm brand new at this blogging stuff so bear with me and i'll tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Ryannan but most people call me Ry, I am from a small country town in Victoria, Australia but currently live in a larger town so that I can go to University. What am I studying you might ask? Teaching! That's right, in a little over a year I will be a fully qualified prep - year 10 teacher... it really couldn't come fast enough as I am sure you all know living the uni lifestyle isn't exactly elaborate!
I live in a beautiful house with my beautiful boyfriend of (nearly) four years and two other girls who go to uni with us.. we keep having parties but have only just realised that it is sooooooooo much easier to go to someone else's house for drinks because there is no cleaning involved that way.
So why am I blogging and why is my blog called Stumble Fotos? I have a huge passion for creativity and always have, I guess I have followed in my sister's footsteps there... if any of you have seen her blog you will understand, if not then check it out: it is for this reason that I have decided on 'Stumble Fotos' as if you have seen the things that she can do you would also feel like you were stumbling along in her footsteps. I have always seen my art as something that is just 'alright' but I am now understanding that most people simply cannot paint the way I can, or cannot see something beautiful in something that is also so plain. I have finally realised that I have a gift and now I am going to share that gift with all of you through this blog.
This is going to be my space to put up photos that I have taken so that I can share them with the world! oh and I also can't wait to start reading all your blogs! so as you can see this is all very exciting for me... let the good times roll! xx