Sunday, October 17, 2010

Melbourne and a Dreary Weekend...

Yep that's right the weather sure was dreary! BUT my weekend was anything but dreary! 
On Thursday (yep thats right... never have uni on a friday!) I headed down to Melbourne to visit a few friends. One is a teacher at a school with ESL (English Second Language) kids and I was going to help out with her school sports before the weather turned into a monsoon!!! so naturally the sports were rescheduled which is a real bugger because they were looking forward to it soooooooooo much! I still went in to help her out and when she introduced me I would like you to imagine the scene out of Finding Nemo where all the seaguls are going 'mine! mine! mine!' got it? Well imagine 30 little faces turning around going 'Hi Ry! Hi Ry! Hi Ry!' it was the cutest thing!

So after school some red wine was consumed and we decided to do some good for the world and head to a small gig in the city put on by these guys:

stop traffick


These guys are trying to stop people trafficking in Cambodia and are looking to broaden their horizons and spread to other asian countries so jump on and see what you can do! Anyway the gig was AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL! I wish I had some snaps but too much red wine led to me forgetting the camera and the world for awhile! I had great company, great music and great wine and cider beers!! What more could a girl ask for? What I can show you is this gorgeous little scribble in the toilets... yep thats right, cant remember to get my camera out for the important stuff, but can in the toilets! 


Ahhh.... scratch that... apparently I did  take some photos! (hmmmm...)

My gorgeous girls! 

The Hazelman Brothers (check out their song called 'Milk' - Amazing!)

So there was a variety of fundraisers on the night: a raffle that we didn't win and hassled the guy on stage until he said "Well what number raffle ticket do you girls have? One of those numbers just won, congratulations!!" and we got a bottle of wine with a gorgeous scarf on it! 
Getting onto the scarves... Cambodian women had sewn these scarves for fund raising, Pop went and brought me one for doing her wedding photos for her and it was the 'demented scarf' haha. the only scarf that had a defect and pop thought it was perfect for me to have a one-of-a-kind! Thanks beautiful! 

So needless to say I was a very ill girl the next morning but I wouldn't trade it for the world! Thanks for a lovely weekend Florz and Pop, you absolutely light up my life!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Need to get better at this...

I most definitely need to get better at regular posting... but getting all those assignments done takes priority at the moment! 
Anyway a little update on life at the moment: We had my cousin's 21st on the weekend, and when a family event comes about on this side of the family, you can be assured that there will be hangovers all round the next day. It was a great night!
Had the nephews and sister come and stay and we went to the fun factory (a kids play area for under 10s) and they both had a ball... poor little Noah had been sick so he wasn't in the greatest mood, but Austin had very rosy cheeks from all his running when we left. 


Austin and I then made a cake, played with playdough and played with his new felt pieces board while Noah and mum went shopping. 

Sunday saw Rock and I going on another little stroll where I got this great snap:


I think I need a new model... he is starting to complain at me ordering him around!! haha

And that was the past weekend!