Saturday, July 31, 2010

Some Old Snaps...

Here are a few snaps that I took back in 2004... The setting is various places in Europe as I was on tour there at the time... aged 17... in fact, the foot photo was taken on my 17th birthday! 


My Fav... this photo represents culture and diversity.

Friday, July 30, 2010

The First Glimpse..

This is the sort of stuff you may be able to expect from my blog:





Stay tuned for more!

About Me...

Hi all!! I'm brand new at this blogging stuff so bear with me and i'll tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Ryannan but most people call me Ry, I am from a small country town in Victoria, Australia but currently live in a larger town so that I can go to University. What am I studying you might ask? Teaching! That's right, in a little over a year I will be a fully qualified prep - year 10 teacher... it really couldn't come fast enough as I am sure you all know living the uni lifestyle isn't exactly elaborate!
I live in a beautiful house with my beautiful boyfriend of (nearly) four years and two other girls who go to uni with us.. we keep having parties but have only just realised that it is sooooooooo much easier to go to someone else's house for drinks because there is no cleaning involved that way.
So why am I blogging and why is my blog called Stumble Fotos? I have a huge passion for creativity and always have, I guess I have followed in my sister's footsteps there... if any of you have seen her blog you will understand, if not then check it out: it is for this reason that I have decided on 'Stumble Fotos' as if you have seen the things that she can do you would also feel like you were stumbling along in her footsteps. I have always seen my art as something that is just 'alright' but I am now understanding that most people simply cannot paint the way I can, or cannot see something beautiful in something that is also so plain. I have finally realised that I have a gift and now I am going to share that gift with all of you through this blog.
This is going to be my space to put up photos that I have taken so that I can share them with the world! oh and I also can't wait to start reading all your blogs! so as you can see this is all very exciting for me... let the good times roll! xx