Thursday, August 12, 2010

Very lazy day...

So on this very lazy day I have done a few things: I have been to the dentist to get my wisdom tooth looked at, once there the dentist asked me if I would just like it pulled out there in the chair to which I replied 'Why Not?' so I am now walking around with a bit of a swollen cheek! It surprised me how easy it was to get rid of... it only took hime about 2 mins and the damn thing that has caused me so much grief was out! YAY!!!!!
I have also gotten my butt into gear and got onto flickr instead of Photobucket so now hopefully you will be able to see the pics a bit better! Ill even put this one up again coz it's too cute not to be seen properly! 


So I have also been to class... I swear my Lit teacher is the most sex-crazed being on earth! haha and now im off to work. Keep a look out for some awesome new pics from up the snow over the next week! xo

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