Monday, August 23, 2010

Winter at it's Best...

This past week has been an adventure packed, all expenses paid trip to the snow for Rock and I. Rocket's parents very kindly shouted us a trip (along with the rest of the family) up to Falls Creek for 5 days of skiing and drinking. What can I say.... we had an absolute ball!


Our 7 our trip there was topped off with the fact that we had to climb up what they told us would be "4 short flights of stairs" this turned out to be 8 reasonable flights of stairs and by the time that we carried all the gear up we were well and truly ready for a drink! From here on in though the trip was extremely laid back and relaxing (that is once we got over the aches and pains of not using certain muscles required for skiing and snowboarding) this also meant that I got an opportunity to go searching for photo ops.... I found a few but great weather meant I was out skiing all day and didn't have time to take many! haha One very cute shot was of these stalactites hanging from our window sil:


After trialing the various pubs on offer, celebrating both mine and Rock's younger brother's birthdays and plenty of drinks and laughs we returned home. Falls Creek you are definitely on the cards for next year!

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