Monday, February 7, 2011

Wow... It's Been a While!

Since I last posted, SOOOO much has happened! 
Rocket and I have been to Europe and back... what a wirlwind trip it was too! We did an awful lot of traveling around a FREEZING cold Europe but the trip was absolutely amazing! here are a few snaps that i took along the way:




There are definitely more to come although I must apologise that I didn't all that creative with the old camera this time round... there was some beautiful things to snap... its just that my hands were frozen into my pockets! Ok well not really but it really was too cold to fumble around with a camera in big gloves etc! 

After Europe it was off to Thailand to relax after our hectic European escapade and relax we did... plenty of sunshine, beach and cocktails is my perfect idea of relaxing!!! OH and don't let me forget the food! I am a bit of a sucker for the Asian cuisine in general and it certainly did not disappoint!

Ok well more of travel talk when I next post! xx

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